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Like all of you people living outside UK I am a bit disapppointed about this decision , cause the moving to ASTRA 2D.
I am aware about the problem concerning the rights , but I also
know that at the moment I can watch the main government TV channels ( italian, german , arabic,spanish) without encryption.
Encription is set only when there are particolar events ( maybe 0.1% of the total amount of time ).
So I wonder why BBC cannot do the same.

Maybe we would not watch 1-2 % or even more of the events
but we could do without it.

About the encription to use , I kow that BBC Prime is already using encription ( Viacces 1 ) , so , in some way , BBC has already
a contract with Viaccess , why not to extend this to the rest of channels , and so leave SKY and Videoguard ?

This could lead to a problem with the existing decoders ,
but it would open the view to lots of UK people as well who
own any CI receiver .
I am sure that I did not consider other aspects and
of course there is some job to be done, maybe not easy in a short time, but I just wanted to express my idea


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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Unfortunately Alex, for the BBC this is purely a cost cutting exercise, the fact that people outside the footprint will not be able to receive the channels is not of prime importance to them. Bear in mind that these people are not supposed to be receiving it anyway.

By changing the encryption to Viaccess, the BBC would stand to lose their 6 million digital viewers on Sky digiboxes and gain only perhaps a few thousand with Viaccess capable receivers in the UK, plus as its cracked already, there would be little point. The net loss of viewers to the Digital only channels would probably be in the reason of 5.5 million.


Hmm, now what seems to be the problem?
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The foreign chanels mentioned are nearly always commercial,raising money to operate by advertising.The BBC is funded by a license fee,only those that pay should in theory be able to watch....that's it in a nutshell..........brian