BBC licence fee safe for 10 years



Lord Burns, the Labour peer leading the review into BBC funding for the next decade, has indicated the licence fee would survive for the next 10 years. But he said a major overhaul of the governors was required and admitted the licence fee could eventually be abolished.

He said the panel he assembled to review the BBC's future accepted arguments the licence fee would become unsustainable once the country had switched to digital TV over the next decade. His report says a "detailed examination" of other funding methods would be recommended for halfway through the charter period, in 2011. As Britain moves towards digital switchover in 2012, the possibility of charging for the BBC's services electronically or via subscription becomes more attractive.


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net1 said:
the licence fee would survive for the next 10 years
I bet they'll change the name and still charge us - It sure as h*ll won't go away!