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BBC Prime 15.01.05

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Saturday 15.01.05 (GMT)


8.00am Big Strong Girls Fiona Quigley and Siobhan Palmer rise to a DIY challenge in Nuneaton. Plus, advice and tips on home renovations

8.30am To Buy or Not to Buy Potential buyers are given the chance to try out new homes in Redditch by spending time in them before deciding whether to make an offer

9.00am Cash in the Attic When a couple decide to sell their bed and breakfast they call in the experts to make money out of the junk in the attic

9.30am Ready, Steady, Cook Kitchen duel in which two celebrity chefs race to create a meal in just 20 minutes. Presented by Ainsley Harriott

10.15am Antiques Roadshow Michael Aspel and the team travel to Warwick to value more decorative objects and rarities

10.45am Bargain Hunt Auctioneer Tim Wonnacott challenges two teams to scour an antiques fair and pick up bargains to sell for profit at auction

11.15am Flog It! Paul Martin meets Swansea residents eager to make a profit selling their valuables at auction, with the expert advice of Kate Alcock and David Barby

12.00pm Animal Hospital Rolf Harris follows the work of another RSPCA centre treating sick pets

12.30pm Animal Hospital Rolf Harris follows the work of another RSPCA centre treating sick pets

1.00pm Diet Trials Eamonn Holmes follows the intrepid dieters as they take their summer vacations. The Barretts are in Italy, John from London spends three weeks in Ibiza, and Lisa is packing her case to jet off to Majorca

1.30pm Diet Trials Lisa returns from Majorca with a terrible hangover and her diet in tatters, while Stephanie prepares for a school reunion — and hopes the temptation of wine and nibbles will not prove too much for her. Meanwhile, Maria from Camden steels herself for the death of her dog and hopes weight loss will help her cope with his loss

2.00pm Diet Trials Eamonn Holmes catches up with some of the dieters, but finds all is not well. In Edinburgh, deli owner Jeni is craving bread and when the chance to send off for a special diet-friendly mix comes along, she grabs it. Life gets harder for fireman Hector and his family, as he goes on strike and his wife is made redundant, while Lisa has a heart-to-heart with her niece at the zoo

2.30pm Diet Trials Exploring the dieting differences between men and women, asking whether the fairer s_x really do burn fewer calories, and there's an update on Jeni — who goes out to paint the town red with her rugby mates — and Gillian, who is struggling with her diet at a Hallowe'en party

3.00pm Teletubbies A group of children visit a marine life centre, while Tinky Winky sees himself in a puddle, Dipsy looks at clouds, Laa-Laa finds some flowers and Po discovers unusual stones

3.25pm Tweenies Jake finds a balloon and dreams of flying round the world, while Fizz and Milo try to find its owner

3.45pm Bits and Bobs The adventures of two inquisitive balls of fluff who are keen to find out about the world

4.00pm Yoho Ahoy! Jones discovers a clever way to rescue a ball when it goes missing

4.05pm Tikkabilla Pre-school magazine show, with music, rhymes and stories

4.35pm Bill and Ben The potted pals learn about igloos — and decide to build one themselves

4.45pm Bill and Ben It's snowing in the garden so the potted pals make a sledge and find out how magical Whimsy's cobwebs can be

4.55pm 50/50 Fast-paced children's quiz show in which teams from schools across the country compete in a variety of mental and physical tasks

5.20pm Blue Peter Flies the World Stuart Miles and Konnie Huq visit Copper Canyon in Mexico

5.45pm Viva S Club The band are deeply affected by the loss of Paul, but their spirits are lifted when they are given the opportunity to manage his favourite nightspot, Club Catalan

6.10pm Top of the Pops The week's chart-toppers, featuring studio performances, celebrity interviews and the UK's number one single

6.40pm Jim Davidson's Generation Game More fun on the family game show, presented by Jim Davidson and Lea Kristensen

7.40pm Casualty Abs tries to get through to an increasingly unstable foster child who has harmed herself with a broken bottle because of her fear of turning out like her alcoholic mother. Charlie's first custody hearing is adjourned after Louis discovers his grandad fighting for breath, and Comfort agrees to Fin's suggestion that they see a relationship counsellor, while Lara shares a kiss with Simon on his return to work but is left feeling more confused than ever
8.30pm Parkinson Former Labour spin-doctor Alistair Campbell, ex-EastEnder and star of Ultimate Force Ross Kemp, and award-winning comedian Jimmy Carr join Michael for another hour of chat. Music is provided by Grammy award-winning singer Norah Jones, who performs two tracks from her acclaimed second album Feels Like Home

9.30pm Lewis Carroll: Curiouser and Curiouser Profile of the influential Victorian writer, whose world-famous children's books, including Alice in Wonderland, have led literary critics down many curious by-ways of speculation. Featuring interviews with his living relatives, along with fans including Jonathan Miller and Ralph Steadman, in the hope of finding the appeal of Alice's extraordinary adventures in the light of the author's often enigmatic character

10.30pm The League of Gentlemen Joke-shop proprietor Lance goes for an under-the-counter arm transplant — but the result is not quite what he was expecting. Meanwhile, hapless debt-collectors Glen and Big Barry have a terrifying run-in with Lisgoe, and mortician Owen Fallowfield lectures on the fine art of embalming. Award-winning comedy, starring Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton

11.00pm The Fast Show Rapid-fire comedy sketch show, featuring Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Arabella Weir and Caroline Aherne

11.30pm This Life Egg's younger brother Nat arrives and strikes up an instant friendship with Anna, who is in two minds about whether to travel to Scotland for her mother's funeral, while Kira's had enough of Jo. Drama, starring Jack Davenport, Daniela Nardini and Luisa Bradshaw-White

12.10am This Life Anna's erratic behaviour lands her in hot water at work, but the unlikely figure of Miles proves her knight in shining armour. Milly is racked with guilt about her affair, but Egg is too preoccupied with the restaurant's grand opening to even notice

1.00am Learning Zone
Supernatural Science Researchers have studied children who seem to have acute knowledge of someone who died shortly before they were born — speculating whether it is coincidence or reincarnation 2.00am Walk On By: The Story of Popular Song Modern pop music 3.00am Wallace in Wales The theory of natural selection 3.30am The Argument from Design Theories about the origins of the universe 4.00am Back to the Floor Improving the profitability of a dating agency 4.30am Bindi Millionaires Yoga trainer Vimla Lalvani Schloesser 5.00am Search English language series 5.15am Search English language series 5.30am English Time Educational series. (11-14 years)

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