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BBC Prime 25.02.05

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Friday 25.02.05 (CET)


2.00pm Big Cat Diary Simon King reports on the day-to-day lives of wild cats inhabiting Kenya's Masai Mara, tracking families of lions, cheetahs and leopards

2.30pm Teletubbies A group of children visit the park and the colourful quartet play on a see-saw, but Tinky Winky proves too heavy

2.55pm Tweenies Bella accidentally breaks a toy and blames it on Doodles

3.15pm Bits and Bobs The adventures of two inquisitive balls of fluff who are keen to find out about the world

3.30pm Step Inside Twinkle, Boris and Chloe invite viewers inside the magic house for another story

3.40pm Andy Pandy Missy Hissy's drainpipes need painting, so Andy comes to the rescue with some colourful potato prints

3.45pm The Story Makers The library-dwelling yarn-spinners make up more stories for the children and investigate sight

4.05pm DIY TV Series following the efforts of 12 youngsters to produce their own TV show to be broadcast at the end of the series. The opening episode focuses on the gruelling selection process at the BBC's training centre, where a series of special challenges determines the lucky winners. Josie d'Arby presents

4.30pm Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go (888) (Stereo)

5.15pm Big Strong Boys Dynamic duo Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe give an attic bedroom a floral country feel and make the most of its unusual shape by building a fitted wardrobe under the eaves, laying flooring and creating a dressing table area for the lady of the house

5.45pm Cash in the Attic A woman struggling to live in harmony with her relatives hopes to sell enough curios to buy herself some peace and quiet — and along the way, the experts unearth the show's oldest find so far

6.15pm Ready, Steady, Cook Culinary duel in which two celebrity chefs compete to prepare a meal in only 20 minutes (888)

7.00pm Ainsley's Gourmet Express The chef demonstrates quick-fire recipes, including portobello mushrooms stuffed with garlicky cheese, pesto-rippled scrambled eggs and ricotta pancakes with mulled strawberries

7.30pm Two Thousand Acres of Sky Drama about a single mother from Hackney who enthusiastically seizes the opportunity of beginning a new life on the Scottish island of Ronansay. Michelle Collins, Paul Kaye and Michael Carter star (888) (Stereo)

8.30pm Mastermind Contestants take to the black chair in the specialist and general knowledge quiz (888) (Stereo)

9.00pm Lenny Henry in Pieces The funnyman brings a selection of comedy characters to life in his own individual style (888) (Stereo)

9.30pm I'm Alan Partridge Alan accepts a large sum of money to host a corporate sales conference, but an incident at the country club stops the event running smoothly. Sonja designs some special pottery for the love of her life and Lynn falls out with Michael over his dubious habits. Steve Coogan stars

10.00pm Liar Six contestants claim they once worked as a spy. If the audience can guess who is telling the truth the £10,000 prize is theirs — if not, the liar they choose wins all the money. Last in series

10.30pm Top of the Pops The week's chart-toppers, featuring studio performances, celebrity interviews and the UK's number one single (888) (Stereo)

11.00pm Parkinson The king of chat is joined by Star Trek and X-Men star Patrick Stewart, international music legend Lionel Richie and world-famous crooner Harry Connick Jnr, both of whom perform in the studio

12.00am Clocking Off Nick, Kev, Ade and Barney get involved in a fight during a boozy night on the town, but one of them is carrying a weapon and isn't afraid to use it, leaving their assailants' ringleader in a critical condition in hospital. As the police investigation gets under way, friendships are tested to the limit — will the culprit admit his guilt?

1.00am Learning Zone
Landscape Mysteries In the last programme of the series, Aubrey Manning investigates the discovery of a series of stepped terraces on Glastonbury Tor. He explores the many theories about the purpose of the earthworks, from a Neolithic maze to part of King Arthur's fortifications of the area, and asks how crucial they are to the mysteries and myths of the surrounding landscape 1.30am Auschwitz: The Forgotten Witness An Englishman's experiences of Auschwitz 2.00am American Visions American art during the Vietnam War 2.55am Make Japanese Your Business Japanese for business people 3.30am Discovering Portuguese Basic Portuguese course 4.00am The Money Programme The world of workplace moles 4.30am The Money Programme The trend of transferring jobs to India 5.00am English Zone For adult learners of all abilities 5.30am Teen English Zone English for teenagers.

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