BBC's Digital Push



The BBC today launched its latest marketing campaign for its six digital television channels and how to get them.

The new campaign goes live across television, radio and online.

Viewers will see Alan Titchmarsh, Pauline Quirke, Jack Dee and Ainsley Harriott monkeying around in the jungle courtesy of some cleverly crafted puppets from Artem and hear Phill Jupitus and Timothy Spall.

Radio listeners will hear comic Matt Lucas, famous for both Little Britain and his Shooting Stars banter as George Dawes, serve up self-penned sketches with a variety of new characters.

Both sets of trails are based on a new strategy to cut through consumer confusion about digital television which creatively communicates two key messages in different executions – one set of trails will concentrate on how to get the BBC's digital channels, and the other will showcase the range of must-see programmes available tailored to different audiences.