Beckham's braids remain under cover



David Beckham has turned up for England training with his new braids hidden under a woolly hat.

The ends of the twisted plaits could just be seen poking out of his dark blue head gear.

Beckham's corn-braids were first spotted as he dined with wife Victoria and celebrities in the south of France.

But dressed for a colder climate today, he covered them up with an England hat.

The England squad is training session in Hertfordshire ahead of the friendly fixture in South Africa.

Fashion-conscious Beckham has in the past used hairbands to control his flowing locks.

His skinhead and Mohican phases prompted a spree of copycat cuts from fans across the country.

Beckham will ditch his hat later today and step into a new outfit by Giorgio Armani as the England squad's latest off-the-field wardrobe is unveiled.