Beginner : Please Help

Hi to everyone,
i recently bought a NEOTIONBOX 3000 with firmware version 11.3F installed in it. I have read in many other forum's that i could enter codes (through menu>1234> etc) to descramble channels. Although i entered i significant number of codes of different channels noone worked. Does this firmware really works like that. I already decode some channels since i bought it (MULTIVISION and CINEBOX and some others) however i would like to know if i can increase the number of channels i decode. Do i absolutely need a CAM or can i just enter codes for the channel i want. Is there a newer version of firmware (official / unoficial i don't care) available? Please post anything about the above or NEOTIONBOX because i am newbbie and i do not have much experience. Finally, is there any way to decode greek NOVA ? Sorry about the number of questions and for my english. Thanks in advance.


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It all depends on :
1-the broken/hacked codes Via,Conax,Iredeto,Nagra,etc.
2-which of these your receiver can decode
3-that you have the up to date codes/keys
yes an all cam module eg matrix reloaded will give more choice.
certain channels you will need the original genuine card