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Beginners receiver


Regular Member
My Satellite Setup
Sky HD, Humax HD Freesat, DM500HD, 90cm dish with technomate motor.
My Location
Highlands, Scotland
Hi all!

I'm looking to set up a motorised system using my existing dish (80cm) and a H to H motor (diseqc 1.2 or USALS). My problem is with all the different receivers, I was looking for something in the £120 - £160 range with 2ci's (for upgrading at a later time), the Echostar DSB 880 2ci was winning my vote, until I seen on Ebay someone selling a Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra receiver with a multi-cam emulating patch. What is a 'patched' receiver? Does this do away with CAM's and Cards? Is it true that you can 'patch' a free to air receiver?