Best/Latest Hardware Addons for DM8000 HD (Genuine)?



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Triax1.1m multi-lnb motorized dish, EMP Centauri 8x1 DiSEqC, DM8000 HD Genuine, 2 x DM800S-HD Clone - DreamboxUK V1.1 & Nabilosat BH V0.12
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Hello Guys,

I have just received a new DM8000. Please can you help me with the below and let me know if I can use something better?

1. Internal Hard Disk: WD15EARX 1.5TB as I have heard anything bigger than 1.5TB might not work smoothly with DM8000?

2. Blu-ray slim line RW: BD-5850H or BD-5750H?

3. SD/MMC card: SanDisk Extreme III SD 2GB (SDSDX3-2048-902)?

4. Compact Flash Card: (1) Sandisk 16GB 90MB/s (UDMA6) Extreme Pro Compact Flash Memory card, (2) SanDisk 8GB 60MB/s (UDMA) Extreme Compact Flash Memory Card & (3) SanDisk 16GB 60MB/sec (UDMA) Extreme Compact Flash Memory Card or only 4GB Compact Flash works with DM8000?

Thanks in advance for all your help.