best reciever for sky reception in malta

I live in Malta and am considering buying a system cany anyone help me with the best choice of reciever and dish size to get reasonable reception in Malta
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#2 has some info on dish sizes in Matla, but this is all at the moment:

Island of Gozo (NO ASTRA 2D)
Panasonic TUDSB30
1.2m Channel Master fixed dish
LNB Syntec 3000
Signal strength about 66%, signal quality 50-60%. Most channels received except ITV1 i.e. All Sky Sports and Movie channels, use a Satook alignment meter to keep it tuned in.
One of our members from there might drop in soon to give more info.

As for receivers, the Pace 2600 has a tuner that is very sensitive for fringe areas, the Amstrad 400 is also meant to be good, but I have never seen on in action compared to the pace. The older (no longer produced) Panasonic 30 is considered to be one of the best at fringe reception, but you might have trouble getting hold of one, and going for a brand new box might be a good idea in the long run anyway.

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