Better outlook for Solus cards



There may be good news for the thousands of viewers who used to depend on 'free' digital satellite for ITV, C4 and Five. At a fringe meeting during the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool, arts minister Estelle Morris said that her 'boss' - culture secretary Tessa Jowell - had received letters from the broadcasters that they were making progress in their discussions.

An agreement is reportedly close in the Solus cards dispute that prevented free-to-air satellite households from viewing ITV, Channel 4 and Five since BSkyB upgraded its encryption system earlier this year. The problem also affects viewers who receive their signals through shared antennas who may not have previously been aware that they were receiving their signals through the Sky system. The difficulties arose when the BBC withdrew its funding from the Solus cards scheme when it moved to free-to-air transmissions.


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Just a point, Labour conference not in Blackpool, but Bournemouth!! "New Labour" seem to have abandoned the North, even though it is a stronghold for Labour.

The Conservatives are still loyal to Britains premier resort, as they start their conference in Blackpool next week.

However good news on a "light at the end of the tunnel" on Solus Cards.