Beware if you shop at Asda or Tesco

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Be very aware of the latest Con which is occuring in the Car Parks at Asda and Tesco's in the UK.

My Personal Experience of this Con !!!!

You arrive back at your car laden with shopping, as you place your shopping into the boot 2 young beauties appear and start washing your Windscreen, obviously making sure their breasts are getting very wet and become visible through their T Shirts.

Once they have finished you feel compelled to offer them £5 for their "Entertainment" Value, but they refuse to accept it, and instead ask for a lift to the local Bus Station, an request of course you feel you cannot refuse.

They both get into the rear seats of the car, and whilst your driving both remove their wets T Shirts and one climbs into the front seat and distracts you as she snuggles into you topless and pushing her big naked breasts into your arm, whilst the other Steals your Wallet.

Be very Alert, I lost my wallet to the Con artists on Monday, Tuesday, Twice on Wednesday, and once on Thursday, I could not see them today?

O-Ha O-Ha O-Ha O-Ha O-Ha O-Ha :D :D :-rofl2


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Only a matter of time before someone else fell for this con, I fell for it six times last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1