Beyonce gets into Kylie's knickers



Beyonce Knowles says she loves to squeeze her famous bottom into Kylie Minogue's underwear.

The singer says the Aussie star's lingerie is among her favourites.

The LoveKylie range has already been endorsed by s_x And The City, which featured Charlotte wearing one of her bras.

Talking about her favourite undies in an interview with the November issue of FHM magazine, Beyonce reveals they are La Perla and LoveKylie.

She said: "Kylie actually sent all of us (in Destiny's Child) some of her new line, which was very nice."

Beyonce also reveals that her bum wiggling dance is a born talent and advised wannabe booty-shakers: "Feel the music, you have to kind of let it take over. And step two is move, move your whole body.

"But you know, I think you have to be born with it. When I shake my butt, I feel it in my soul."

The US singer's career is now in the hands of UK-based music firm Sanctuary after her father sold his management firm Music World Entertainment for £6 million.

Under the deal Mathew Knowles has become the president of Sanctuary's new urban music division.