Big Brother presenter admits housemates become boring quickly



Big Brother presenter Dermot O'Leary has admitted he quickly becomes bored of the show's contestants.

O'Leary also says the only people who apply to the show are attention seekers.

The host of Big Brother show Little Brother says this year's contestants will be just as outrageous as their predecessors.

"It's strange because when they're in the house you're obsessed with them - you do the first interview and you're obsessed," he has told Heat magazine.

He added: "And then it's weird because after one or two weeks you're not interested in them but they do lose power. It's so strange and you hate yourself for it."

Producers have said they are looking looking for ordinary people who will get on well and not play up to the cameras.

"The people who apply are of that ilk and they're no less watchable for it," he said. "And bear in mind that people who aren't like that regret being there and leave, like Sunita."