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big sat cas menu?


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Chorley, Lancs
hi all

i downloaded latest firmware from http://www.la-cafetera.com/bigsat.htm and the instructions are not in great english.

You must need a NULL MODEM RS232 9 pins cable
1 ) open the program loader , select bin file
2 ) start application
3 ) on the Bigsat decoder screen you can see d000 , d001 etc
4 ) After on the screen you can see f000 etc , when the big sat said GOOD it ok
5 ) re start the decoder
6 ) go in to main menu and make a search channels
7 ) save all
8 ) tape on remote control 6969
9 ) when 1 box key tape 6969
10 ) and tape 8282 now you see the keys on the tv

my problem is that i cannot get the code menu on. i can do it with morroco's firmware patch by entering 7979, but this doesnt work with the 2.99 firmware.

any ideas


sorry, just realised i posted in the wrong forum, and i dont think i can move it.