Binmen sacked for s_x with prostitute in rubbish truck



Two binmen in the US have been sacked for having s_x with a prostitute in a rubbish truck.

The men, who worked for the council in Rochester, New York state, had s_x with the woman on August 5 while they were on duty.

One of the men was a full-time employee, while the other was a seasonal worker, reports the Democrat and Chronicle.

Rochester Mayor William A Johnson Jr, said: "During the course of an investigation, it's my understanding that one of the men admitted to what happened."

The men had been reported to council management by a member of the public who said he saw the incident.

Johnson, who didn't know the identity of the two workers, said their actions wouldn't be tolerated. "This is a very difficult thing to do because the men had families but we can't condone this type of behaviour. This was probably the most expensive s_x act that they've ever committed."