Blaine to get policing bill for stunt



David Blaine has been asked to pay for the cost of policing his starvation stunt.

Police say the circus around Blaine's clear box, which is suspended from a crane near Tower Bridge, has escalated to such a point that it is costing large amounts of money.

When he eventually descends after his 44-day self-imposed isolation Blaine may be presented with a bill from the Metropolitan Police.

Met Commissioner Sir John Stevens said: "We have asked the people who have been staging the event to pay for the policing. It is important to say that there has been a considerable expense.

"We have concerns about the public order situation around what he is doing down there and we are assessing that on a continuing basis.

"What's taking place at Tower Bridge currently is an example of how these things can escalate."

To the amazement of his American fans Blaine, a 30-year-old New Yorker, has faced a backlash from the British public after launching his stunt.

He has had eggs, golf balls and insults hurled by passers-by aiming to provoke a reaction.

Others have bared their breasts or bottoms or banged drums to keep him awake at night.

One man has been charged with threatening behaviour and criminal damage after allegedly trying to cut off his water supply.


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Sep 24, 2012
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I was working near 'the yank in the tank' yesterday and he's still looks well, waving to the crowds. Newspapers are now reporting that he's putting weight on !!!

Is he cheating or isn't he? Halfway through his 44-day fast in a Perspex box above the Thames, there are even suggestions that David Blaine has put on weight.

And BTW he's not over the Thames he's over the footpath adjacent to the Thames. The London port authority would not allow him to hang over the Thames , just in case something went wrong and they had to fish him out the Thames.