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blonde joke

My Satellite Setup
pentium4 3.2ghz
skystar2 rev2.3
1mtr dish & jaeger 99G 36v motor, with a superjack DP-6600. dvb-t aswell,in the process of setting up
My Location
:-MrsCOnce there was this brunette who was driving her corvette with the wind in her hair.

She looked and she saw a farmer with a flock of sheep so she drove over and asked the farmer "if I can guess how many sheep in you're flock will you give me a sheep."

The farmer says "OK".

The brunette says "485".

The farmer says "that's right but if I can guess you're natural hair color can I have my sheep back".

the brunette says "OK".

The farmer says "blonde".

The brunette says how did you know.

The farmer says you just picked the dog.