'Bloodvertising' to hit UK streets



Advertisements in bus shelters for a new video game called Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance, will seep 'blood'.

The company behind the so-called Bloodvertising say the adverts will be put up around the country in two weeks time.

Acclaim Entertainment say the game, set in the year 106AD, is the bloodiest ever.

In the adverts, cartridges of red dye will be placed behind clear sheets of film and released over a six-day period. The 'blood' will slowly appear to spill out on the streets and drip onto the pavements. The adverts will remain for a week.

The company say they have been cleared to erect the posters and have employed cleaners to clean the dye off the footpaths at the end of the week.

Shaun White, Communications Manager at Acclaim, said: "The concept of 'Bloodvertising' ties in with our marketing strategy and sticks to the theme of blood and carnage which is consistent throughout the Gladiator video game."