British Sport' channel for Freeview



The 'mystery' new channel on Freeview will be "the home for British sport".

There had been much speculation about the nature of CBM Media, when it was announced that it had taken up one of the few remaining slots (7 May). It has now been revealed that the project is behind led by the former agent and TV-am executive Mike Hollingsworth.

Sports coverage will concentrate not on big money sports such as football and rugby, but on minority pursuits that currently do not receive much coverage - such as cycling, swimming and badminton.

The channel, as yet unnamed, will also broadcast finance, business news and movies after agreeing a tie-up with business news channel Bloomberg to provide rolling news and financial information. CBM said this week that as well as broadcasting movies and news, the channel would feature home-grown British productions, providing a further outlet for independent production companies.

"There are many sports in which Britain leads the world but whose competitors remain anonymous to the public that they represent. The station will provide an unrivalled opportunity for such sports to get the quality and quantity of airtime they require," CBM said in a statement.

There are reports of a further Sports service on Freeview from the Irish sports channel Setanta.