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BSkyB lose exclusivity, but how does that benefit us???


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http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4444684.stm <== full story here from the BBC.

Lets think about it though, hows that gonna benefit us, Sky will surely get 5 packages, and though the BBC report suggests either BBC or ITV will get the other, whos to say Setanta Sports wont get it???

And calling 20-odd games a 'meaningful amount' is joke, I very much doubt Sky will let (and yes, I have no doubt it'll be up to Sky) the other broadcaster have any of the BIG games between Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool. The most it'll get is a derby.

And most importantly, this WILL NOT FORCE SKY TO LOWER THEIR PRICES, which I thought was the main aim of the EU involvement all along.