BT launches BT Vision Sport broadband TV service



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BT launches BT Vision Sport broadband TV service

BT Group launched BT Vision Sport on Monday, offering 46 live Premier League soccer matches and more than 200 nearly-live games as part of its broadband TV service.

BT, the country's dominant fixed-line telecoms provider, hopes TV will boost customer loyalty for its broadband products in a competitive market and expand revenue beyond its declining fixed-line telephony business.

The service pitches it against satellite group BSkyB and cable group Virgin Media.

The BT Vision service offers free digital TV, pay-as-you-go content and a personal video recorder for no monthly subscription charge for BT broadband customers.

For BT Vision Sport, viewers can pay 4 pounds a month to watch 242 Premier League matches on demand from 10 pm local time on the day of the match or, for 12 pounds, live English Premier League matches from the Setanta Sports service.

The Setanta service also shows live Scottish matches, PGA golf and other live sports.

BSkyB owns the rights to broadcast two-thirds of 138 live top-flight English matches, including the coveted "A" package of matches such as Chelsea against Arsenal, while Irish group Setanta owns the remaining third.

Subscribers to the Sky Sports service can see 92 live matches plus the 46 Setanta games and others as near live. They can also pay an additional 9.99 pounds to see the Setanta games live.

BT has said it aims to spend 100 million pounds on its TV plans and expects its move into entertainment to generate profits by 2010. It is targeting 2 million to 3 million customers in the medium term.

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