Bugs with Echostar DSB2110



As a new recruit to the Forum, thought I had better impart what little titbits of info I have gathered from a year almost of sat dig watching, before I get to a shopping list of questions of my own.
Can't find it again, but I noticed somewhere that someone was asking if there are any problems with the Echostar DSB2110 (2Ci). In nearly a year, aside from the occasional lock-up (common, I guess, to all receivers), I have found only the following bugs. Interested to hear if anyone can lay the blame at the door of the receiver, my Aston Seca Mediaguard CAM (V1.04) or the card software.
The bugs are:
1) The Kiosque PPV channels have a 1 minute countdown before films start. With about twenty seconds to go, if you do not quickly switch channel, then back again about ten seconds later, picture will go black. You then have to switch off and back on again to reinitialise CAM and card.
2) Same thing can happen on Palco PPV on Hotbird, but fortunately usually a couple or more minutes before films start. It never happens on Taquilla PPV package.
3) The most puzzling bug is re Kiosque PPV, which I have never been able to watch between about 1900 and 2130 on weekends. Access a Kiosque channel then, and the receiver completly locks out. You actually have to unplug to reboot. After 2130ish, it's fine again and the same problem does not occur on weekdays. Some weekend counter-measure, or something to do with part of Kiosque package showing football at those times?
Interested to hear if anyone has encountered the same bugs, and whether receiver, CAM or card are most likely to blame.


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This kind of problem is often related to the card software, or a receiver havving difficulty working with two CAMs at once - especially if you have a valid card in each and the channle you are watching is simulcrypted (ie encrypted under both systems). Fact is, outside the hobby world, subscribers will normaally only have one or the other (that's WHY it is simulcrypted in the first place).You could try removing the card or CAM from one slot.
Or you couls experiment with different software on the card(s) - especially "anti-reset" versions.