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Hello All

I am thinking about treating myself this Christmas.

I would rather like a Portable MP3 Player.

Has anyone got any advice as to what I should look out for or avoid, and any suggestions for sources.

Kind regards

W. Hole

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Info courtesy of Stefan Hagedorn - Still the best newsletter for Sat Fans!


  • Go for one that uses standard batteries rather than any proprietary built-in ones - you can then use rechargeable NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries to keep running costs to a minimum. With a proprietary battery, you will have to throw the player away once it dies (even the best rechargeables have a limited lifespan);
  • Consider getting a disc-based player only if you don't intend to be using it for exercise (e.g. jogging) or really need 1GB+ of storage - otherwise go for one using flash memory (smaller, needs less power, no moving parts to go wrong);
  • 5 different types of flash memory are used (Compact Flash, Smartmedia, Secure Digital, Multimedia, Memory Stick) - if you are already using a specific type then look for a player using it. Otherwise go for Compact Flash - it is available in larger sizes and at lower prices;
  • Look for a high-speed connection with your PC, either USB 2.0 or Firewire (as long as your PC has it) rather than plain USB 1.1 - especially if you are looking at loading up a gigabyte or so;
  • Avoid DRM (Digital Rights Management) like the plague - life's complex enough without your player deciding that you no longer have rights to listen to your music;
  • Check that the player is upgradeable to handle newer formats (e.g. Ogg Vorbis - this can offer higher quality in less space than .mp3's).
Ones worth checking out in my view would include the NexIIe (but does not yet support Ogg), Neuros (proprietary battery) or iRiver iHP120. Also, check the Slashdot thread iRiver Announces A New Ogg/MP3 Player, some good points made there with links to other players.


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I got the Packard Bell CD-RW mp3 player £ 39.99 from PC World normally £79.99

. It is a gem. 15 hours playback on x2AA batteries. Hraddidc based are too expensive. The harddrive can currupt. and then pay huge money to fix it.

only draw back there is no ID tag. but displsy shows/ Album Track and time of track.

For the price this is a killer player.