Buying in France


"Satellite Expert"
My Satellite Setup
VU+ Duo, Humax IRCI5400z, Sony Bravia KDL-32EX403, 1.1m Triax, Technomate TH-2600 DiSEqC mount, Sony BDV-E280 Home Cinema system, ancient Logik Freeview PVR.
My Location
I'm off to Normandy next week for a few days break and was wondering if it will be worthwhile to buy any satellite equipment in France. I bought my analogue DiSEQc 1.2 analogue system for 790 FF last year, far cheaper than anything then available in the UK. I've had lots of fun with it, but have now decided to move up to digital, probably through a patched Humax 5400z. Satellite dealers aren't thick on the ground in here in Cornwall and mail order is, for me, second best, since I like to see what I'm buying and chat about it. So, if there are any dealers worth a visit, I'd be pleased to know of them. I speak reasonable French, so I could discuss my requirements without difficulty.

Any suggestions?