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Cabo TV dead?


guest user

I cant get any cabo channels at all on 30w. I have a Matix Reloaded 1.081 and a COMAG FTA2 CI and recently got the keys updated a week ago.

but, should the blocker auto update thing be off is it meant to be on?


Specialist Contributor
My Satellite Setup
Channel Master 1.2m motorised, V Box, Technomate TM-5402HD.
My Location
Aberdeen, Scotland
I had turned the auto off before I changed the keys a few days (well it didn't work on auto, did it?). Still works for me (on MR 1.12), just watched the Scotland and Norway footy on Sport TV (unfortunately!). You could check the keys again, the MR seems to have a habit of reverting to previous keys after after a certain amount of changes have been performed - in which case you could reset it by setting the default key and manually go through an updating exercise.