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Hi Guys,
i got a doubt about the difference between unsubsided and subsided sky digiboxes.
I am aware that the diffecence is based on whether i subscribe to a 12 month contract (subsided) or I don't subscribe and just whatch to ftv channels by paying 20 pound for the fv card (Unsubsided)
I am clear on this, but I just explored some london based websites , in particular one ( If u open the sky receivers link, and click on the pace DS440N, u come across 1 page where they offer identical boxes but on 1 it says Subsided (sold at £99 including the FTV card) and the other one at £145 (without card)
If u read the full details, on the subsided one, it simply says 'NO telephone connection, NOR subscription Needed.which is a bit contraddictory..
In my case, I am london based and what I want to do is buying the box and ftv card and get it sent to my uk address (Without undertaking any contract NOR connecting it to phone line), set it in london with the relevant dish, then on occasion, take the box to my country in europe and whach it over there .
In this case if i buy the £99 one, i think it will do for me.
What do u think??


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The 145 pounds model has latest software no card or telephone connection required i have one

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