can anyone help me with how to set up cs

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scousa80, from what I can make of your posts so far you are no where near getting your card to work either in the box or on the omnikey.

When you transfered the IPK files to /tmp did you then install them in telnet and check the outcome was error free ?
Do you even know what NewCS is ?
Have you read anything at all about it ?
Have you even opened up newcs.xml in an editor ?
Have you even read about making a box key ?
Do you have any idea if you even have NewCS running ?
Have you check the output from dmesg to see if it detects the Omnikey ?
Have you checked the debug output from NewCS in a telnet session to see what errors it reports ?
Have you created a CCcam.cfg file to suite your NewCS server ?
Have you checked the NewCS web interface to see if your CAID is detected ?
Have you checked the NewCS web interface to see if your entitlements are current ?
Have you checked the NewCS web interface to see if CCcam has connected ?

And so on and so on.
I think what I'm trying to say here is, you're a million miles away from getting this working. You've approached it with a totaly misguided attitude. This is all advanced functions of a dreambox and you want it working now. You're probably 2 weeks away at least. Your posts are lacking information and badly written and give the impression the whole thing is rushed.

Go away and read for 2 weeks. Try things slowly. Understand each step of the process and you may start to get somewhere.


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scousa80 said:
Analoguesat sorry but i dont no how to add this to the above because i dont no where edit is on here all i have is quote mutli quote and quick reply
Ok thats a fair enough comment - Ive been told by Rolf the head admin that function has been disabled for new members after spammers started using the edit to put their links into posts after they had cleared the spam filters.

I didnt know that function had been disabled, but you still need to be making more concise posts rather than pinging questions in every couple of minutes. Rapid fire questions suggests you arent thinking about what you are doing.

A nonymous

Oh dear, well i must say this thread has been laughable :-lmao

I'm sorry mate but i can't really see your going to get anywhere :confused

Best sell up and try something else. It took me a good 3 months to get my Dreambox just to do the basics, i lost count of the times it nearly went on ebay and my old Technomate TMS1500+ went back under the television :eek:

I've been playing with the Dreambox now for nearly 3 years and i still haven't mastered the finer things this box can do, you will not get it working within 24hrs, 24 days maybe if you read everything and take it all in :toke:

As much fun as its been its time to close this thread as its obvious that you haven't taken a blind bit of notice of what anyone has said, thus making this thread pointless :-doh!

You may be better off with one of these :D




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