Can i do this ?????



My Satellite Setup
Multi sat for Astra 19.2 (60cm dish)and 28.2.(1.2 m and MTI Twin AP82-XT2BL) LNB .Skymaster DS33 receiver.
My Location
Mallorca Spain
I am in Mallorca , Spain.
I currently have a analogue receiver and dish pointing to Astra 19.2 east to pick up all the German Stations,CNN;CNBC etc. These and more are available from the same satellite on digital.
My neighbour has his 1.2 metre dish with MTI single LNB .6db on my roof that points to Astra 28.2 east feeding his Pace skybox to get all the English stuff.
Reception for both our sytems is very good. He says i can connect to his dish if i want to sooooooooooooo......

Firstly let me say i'm not interested in SKY,just free BBC ,especially the radio..

If i buy a FTA digital receiver..replace his single LNB with the same make twin output LNB (these are spec .3db is that better ??Does it make a difference what make of LNB ??). Run one of those outputs along with the existing feed from my dish that receives the German stuff into a DISEQC switch and then into my new receiver will i get all the FTA from his dish along with the FTA from my dish.
I am right in thinking that a twin output LNB has two receivers inside so that if i change channels it will not effect what my neighbour does or sees and vice versa ???
Is the selection of the satellite/dish controlled from how the channels are set in the receiver and as such is completely transparent when you select say BBC1 and then ARD (on the German sat).

If this is all feasable and i'm not talking complete ***locks can anyone recommend a receiver. The german stuff gets good reports and is very cheap even when sent from there.

Any other advice/tips most welcome
Thanks to all.