Can i watch sky digital too, if not living in UK ?



Hi m8´s

Week ago i was visiting London apx 1 week, and i was enjoying your
local sky digital there , sky one etc. :) Very cool

I´m living here at Scandinavia, and using Force and the "normal" stuff like viaxx, seca, conax

I was wondering that is it possible to buy an "Sky digital receiver"
somewhere, and buy also "sky digital watching card " for it.

Are there any "black market or individuals " wich could sell somekind "more or less original" cards for it ?

reagrds Poka


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 19-May-02 AT 05:45 PM (GMT)]Do a search for digibox Poka, should bring up loads of dealers, a lot of them will probably be able to provide a subscription card as well. The other way to do it is to know someone in the UK who is prepared to subscribe on your behalf and buy your box from an auctiuon site..