CAN YOU please guide me


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Can you please help me I m trying to update my humax5400

using configuration file wincardemu.ini

Build/check ATR(Irdeto) :

EDIT: please do not post any sort of keys on this forum. Analoguesat

ts:3b t0:9f ta1:21 td1:0e hist.(15): 49 72 64 65 74 6f 20 41 43 53 20 76 31 2e 32

fi=2 di=1 ii=0 pi1=0 pi2=0, guardtime N=0

External clk., max fs= 6.000MHz, F=558, D=1.00, max I=25mA, Vpp=0V

Work * 6.000MHz 3.571MHz 4.000MHz

etu 93000╡s 156250╡s 139500╡s

bps 10753, 6400 7168 [bits per second]

ATR(Irdeto): direct, BPS=9600, parity=none

System: Irdeto, COM1, 9600, none, direct

Debugging on (0xff)

Version 1.22 2004-07-28

Waiting for reset

Waiting for reset (GetReset)

I swatch off my receiver nothing happen

Can you please guide me