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canal + and canalsat


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I have a tecnomate 1500CI+ with double LNB allowing me to receive both astra and hotbird
Hi everyone,

I am sure you must have had these questions many times and i apologies, but i am new to the satellite world and it is my first thread. I recently purchased a satellite system, the technomate 1500CI+ with double LNB which allows me to receive both astra and hotbird mostly for french channels. However canal + is still scrambled, is there a way to rectify that. I heard about CAM and Card but am not at all familiar with that. There is so many, which one unscramble canal+ France.

Thanks a lot for your help



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As you have one of the Technomate range have a look under "Receivers & Systems" for Receiver Reviews and in there is a thread by the_wizzz on 06-05-2005 called "My thorough review of the Technomate TM-1500ci+, and the TM-1000 range" Have a good look through, it's an excellent review and have alook at this link it gives details about other methods of reception ;)