Canal, ESPN Star Sports & Fox Soccer Channel - are these available in the U.K



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Once again a new person trying to get clued up on all this satellite equipment.

Basically im sick of getting ripped off by sky and have seen online that the above channels are showing the majority of the premiership matches.

I have been online to try out streaming but the quality is terrible.

Is it possible to get these channels in the U.K and if it is what equipment will i need (in simple and as cheap as possible - if possible)

Many thanks


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Forget all these - Canal+ Scandinavia is a tad expensive and don't have such a great range of games as other services, whilst ESPN Star (Far East Asia) and Fox Soccer (North America) are impossible to receive in Europe due to the curvature of the earth!

I think your best bet is to read up here -

Also, the new rights period is starting next year, and the most popular and best service, ART (Arab Radio and Television) is losing the vast majority of it's rights.

Feel free to ask on the thread above, and getting in touch with your local satellite installer is a good idea.

As for non-sports entertainment, I'd still say that Sky is the best.