Cannot see Xcam (PCMIA) to upgrade it to Premium

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Hi guys,

had a good root around the forums but can't seem to find a way to sort this little problem out.

Recently updated an Xcam Premium via XcamPCMIALoader and it worked a treat!

The problem is that I also have an Xcam standard (ver 1.0) and have been trying to update/upgrade to premium but cannot even find it on Windows XP!

Have tried to install the relevant software for it but Windows tells me
The file contains no information for your driver
Quite frustrating really as I'm pretty positive the driver files I have are correct!

I found a post with Rolf chattin about these drivers "MR_BY_PCMIA" and tried the "DreamMagic.inf" to install the Xcam as a Smart Card

Eureka - finally Xp had let me install the driver .... under the device manager I have the DreamMagic Smart Card reader installed

Back onto XcamPCMIALoader and try to update with the Premium Upgrade .bin file

Selected the right block, selected the .bin file click on update and...

Xcam0 open failed [0000000002]
What am i doing wrong?

I have tried on a seperate laptop and same thing occurs...very strange and very frustrating - XP detects it's there and that it needs drivers but wont let me install them properly

Any clues would be greatly appreciated!