Can't find Kiosque channels on Astra 19e 12129V

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Hey, I have a very big problem. When I try to make a search for the Kios*ue channels (Astra 19e 12129V 27500 3/4) on my EuroSky DSR 2003 CI it Can't find the channels!!! It's shows that there's 14 PID's, but nothing happens when it search the frequenzy :(. Is it because my reciever doesn't support PPV? Then, I find it very strange, because I can find the Premiere channels (also on Astra 19e) when I search, or what is it? Do You guys have any ideas? Is it because I have to update my reciever?

I have a question more, I have a MR ver. 1.080, what's the newest upgra*e? And does the MR support C*ryptoworks???
I'm a newbie, and then I have to know: What a Pr*vider Id?

I hope You will be able to help me. Thanks...