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Have finally just bought the aboe Duolabs product for my Dragon 4.6 cam and loader card.
Before this a friend programmed the card.
Have done nothing with it yet.
Basically i need an idiots guide of where to start from connecting to PC to finsishing the programming.
The Duolabs web site seems double Dutch to me.
An help as a step by step procedure??
Many thanks in anticipation.


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Hi Thor25rtn,
providing you have the add on, for the Cas 2, there shouldn't be a problem with programming your card and loading your new T-Rex 4.6.
You will have to tell us which loader card you have, there are 2 types, Fun Card 7, also known as a Prussian Card 5, or a PIC F84A.
You first need to download the latest software for you Cas 2, from Duolabs, which I think is 7.9C. I haven't got the Cas 2 + add on, I use an Infinity programmer, but I came across these instructions:
programming a dragon loader card with the cas2 and its add-on:-

1. start the CASII-Soft --> now you are in the main-menu
2. click the button "PROG"
3. put the Fun7 into the cardreader
4. choose the type "Prussian 5"
5. click the button erase and wait until the card is completely erased
6. click the button on the right side "Repair Dragon Card Loader"
....and wait until the loader will be written to the card
8. now you can close this window and you are back in the main-menu again the button "DRAGON" --> a new window opens and the message "Dragon Card Loader detected" the folder-icon and choose the *.dra-file the button "Write to Dragon Loader Card" and wait until the card will be written.
These might be a little out of date now but the basics are the same, start up your software, insert your card into the add on, click on the smartcard tab and choose Dragon Card.
The latest software for your Cam is the Predasaur 2.13 file, so you load predasaur213.dra onto your card.
The next set of instructions are important so please try to follow them exactly, otherwise you can damage the bootloader in your Cam.
Switch your receiver to a FTA (Free To Air) channel, I usually use BBC World on Astra 19E or Hotbird 13E.
Turn off your Receiver.
Insert your loader card into your T-Rex Cam, chip face up, and if your Cam is not already in your receiver, insert it into the CI slot.
Now turn on your receiver.
Navigate to the Cam menu and choose yes load Cam.
Wait until the Cam has finished loading, this will take a few minutes.
A message will appear telling you that the cam has successfully loaded and asking you to remove your loader card.
Remove your loader Card.
Turn off your receiver, for a few seconds, then turn it back on.
Your Cam should now be loaded.
Go into the menu and click on the Security Update, this loads any secret files onto the secure chip in your Cam.
You might have to update the keys using the debug option, in the Cams menu, to get D+, but I'll go into that in more detail after you've loaded the Predasaur firmware onto your Cam.
Please post back if you experience any problems.
Best wishes