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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date:26th JuneColour:BurgundyNumber:8 , 28 , 60Stone:Amethyst – worn by Catholic bishops to represent Spirituality and Egyptian Priests BC for wisdom.Flower:Monkey FlowerPet:King Charles SpanielCareer:Builder , Surveyor , LecturerKey Features:Stable , Committed , ConstantNaturally good at:protecting loved onesCharacter:You have a solid and reliable personality. Those you care about can rely on you totally and you are great at taking control of the family home. You want those you love to be able to lean on you and show great concern if they have nay problems.Life Path:Beware becoming too selfless as underneath you are very soft. You put others before you and tend not to ask for help when you need it. You can be too bound by duty and honour instead of what is real and in the present. Try to live in the moment sometimes and go with the flow.Love:Committed and steadfast you tend to have long term relationships which you take very seriously. You have strict Saturn as your birth number ruler and coupled with sensitive moon your birth sign ruler you need someone who is equally loyal. Try a Capricorn who is also ruled by Saturn.Best Present:Golf Clubs , Family Tree