Channel 4 on 10714H dropped away



BTW Have you checked skew of the LNB?
Though 28.2 has a pre-skew of 7,5 degrees as far as I know; I've read somewhere that 28.5 has no pre-skew? Can someone confirm that?
At your location: -22,7* with pre-skew, -30,2* without preskew.
I think it is unlikely that the 2E/F/G do not have the same skew.
But in the olden days, Eurobird at 28.5 indeed had no skew, whereas 28.2 did have skew. This may be what you remember.
This difference presented yet another dilemma of what to optimise for.
In my case it was easy, I aimed the dish at and skewed the LNB for 2D, as I seldom watched stuff off 28.5E.


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Don't know if trying to finetune the dish more in the direction of 28.5 (Astra 2E) would help. Thát you would have to try yourself (first by pushing the dish a bit in the wanted direction, and see if quality level rises?).
I forgot that you have good reception on your other receiver; so that makes a finetuning problem not so plausible....


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All in all it seems we may not get to the bottom of this unless I try another LNB which I am loath to do for the moment as next year I plan to replace it anyway with a Quatro so I can use a multi-switch to increase the number of feeds - I will still try the Pace to see if that has any issue but have guests at the moment so won't try that for a while yet. Am also thinking of getting another more modern Humax with PVR so will see how that turns out a well.