Channel 4 to screen 'teen s_x drama'



A drama about the s_x lives of 14-year-olds in which a virgin is goaded into having s_x with two strangers in an alley is to be screened by Channel 4.

Pleasureland, to be screened later this month, also features lead character Jo performing oral s_x on a boy she has just met to impress her friends.

Channel 4 says the programme explores issues faced by people of that age group and will provoke responsible discussions within families.

The programme is part of a series called Adult At 14 exploring the issue of sexual and emotional maturity in teenagers.

In one programme journalist Miranda Sawyer will argue for age of consent to be lowered from 16.

Pleasureland - to be screened at 10pm on Sunday, November 16 - tells the story of Liverpudlian Jo, played by newcomer Katie Lyon who is 18.

Her school friends all claim they are in sexual relationships and she begins to experiment to fit in with her friends.

She is seen going through a rebellious phase in the space of a school term where she starts to smoke and loses her virginity.

Channel 4's head of drama John Yorke said: "It's quite uncompromising. We wanted it to be as realistic as it could be, without being too gratuitous.

"By putting it out at 10pm it leaves the decision about whether children should watch up to the parents. The reason I pushed it through was that I thought it was a subject worth talking about and airing."