Channel surfincg on a 810XE


Jul 13, 2008
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Sky+ setup, Astra 28.2E fixed dish

Pace setup: Pace DS810XE, motorised Dish with DiSeqC1.2
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Somerset, Frome
Am I being blonde or is it really really bad the way they organise the channel surfing?

What I mean is:

Supose you have fully scanned the system and now want to go through them to select the favourites and add them to your channel list.

Problem is that you can't scroll down page by page, you have to scroll down one by one. I know you can sort them in different ways, but why do they not make it so you can press one of the key to scroll down page by page? If you have 900+ channels stored, it is gonna take you ages to scroll down!

Another problem: The box keeps crashing when you try to install a diseqc motor! You have to unplug it and start from scratch! And it doesn't support USALS!

Other than that, the box is ok for the money and the HD quality is pretty cool, specially for the olympics on BBC HD!

Just need to get the motor and a bigger dish sorted and I am a happy man!


No supporting USALS is new to me and thought it would be fine. I use this with a fixed dish and manually move it to 19.2º or 13º.

I have yet to get the motorised dish up and ready and worried now that this could be a nightmare !

As for the crashing, it does this on channel surfing also, and only a reset (i.e. pulling out the plug helps). It seems like Pace have given up on this box which is a great shame.

I've heard that CAM support via this box is non existent and not heard of many successful stories.

As for flicking through the channels, if you hit the EPG button and select a channel to watch, it tunes to the channel with the channel list on the left hand side and you can add as a favourite from there, and you can page up or down with the channel up / down button from there. I'll double check that tonight, but sure thats the way I did it when adding favourites for 19.2º.

Let me know how you get on as for a simple receiver with HD, it produces excellent picture and sound quality albeit the sound a little higher when going through the amp as opposed to the Sluggibox.