Co Rotor or c/ku lnbf



Schnell Meister
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Mega Sat 1.8 meter mesh sat dish prim focus.

Invacom c120 lnb with chaparal co rotor and feedhorn.

Jaeger H-H smr 1224 supermount.

echnomate 1500ci+ patched darkman.
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Highwycombe, Buckinghamshire
Hiya fellas

Firstly before i start check this thread with my dish pics to giv u an idea of what i have (

i was looking at a few but i couldnt find anything wich was similar shape to a corotor like a scaler ring and had just ku band i did find (eagle aspen v4000 gold) wich is a long swedish microwave type c/ku in one lnbf and has its own scaler ring wich was perfect for what i needed c band i wont be using and can just use ku but thier out of production the good thing about it is theres no servo motor no skew settings no hassle and the only thing i can find is a corotor either by chapparel or a company called ADL (ADL RP3) this co rotor is c/ku with servo motor this thing would fit nicely on to this dish its a perfect match but i just cant be arsed with the hassle of servo motors and their working to be honest and half the recivers we have here or ive usd dont support servo motors i dont even know how they work does anyone know the working of these things isit possible i can buy this rotor stick it on and just use th ku side of the rotor and cover up the c band side or use both without messing with the servo motor and wiring or isit a necessary part of the whole thing. can someon shed some light on this matter thanks.