com port issue with null modem cable


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Hi all,

i used to have a technomate 1500 ci+, and the main pc i am using worked perfectly with the com ports, and null modem cable to the technomate to flash it etc

since i bought my dreambox dm500, the same confiuration doesn't work with the dreambox, i spent ages wondering why it would not get detected via the same null modem cable and the computers com ports..

dreamup just wouldn't detect the dreambox..

i took the dreambox to the computer upstairs, used the same null modem cable, and same version of dreamup and it worked first time, and still works..

my problem now , is i am getting rid of the older computer upstairs and i will be left with this computer that doesn't seem to work with the dreambox via the com ports..

what could be the difference in the cause of this problem between the two machines, could it be a hardware config, software config?

or has anyone known of this issue before, any tips on how i can get the dreambox to work on this computers com ports (bareing in mind the com ports are fine with everything else, including the technomate)
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I had similar problems with dreamup but I do not think it is an issue with dream up..

The way I cured it was to use a seperate user account in XP so I could be sure that no services are installed by other applications on my main account.

Hope this works for you.