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comag fta III update software

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comag ftaiii
Could anybody out there help me.I purchased a comag fta III receiver and have tried to upload software of the official site with no luck.Has any body got any info on where i might be able to get this software from?
Secondly I was wondering if it is possible to delete and add other satellites with this box as I have got a one meter dish with a motor on it so i would like to get other satelittes other than the preloaded ones on it is that achievable.I would appeciate any comments on these questions thanking you.



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My Satellite Setup
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Use the menu option to move to the 'Installation' menu (you may have to enter a password - default is 0000) then do a manual re-scan of the satellites.

To delete a satellite select the 'Remove satellite' option in the 'Edit programming' sub-menu press 'OK' to confirm.

It's all in the manual - do you have one?