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Comical Ali



Iraq's former information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf has appeared on Arab television after he was questioned by US forces and released.

Sahaf earned the nickname 'Comical Ali' for his outrageous claims at the start of the war in Iraq.

He was shown without his familiar military fatigues and beret, standing in a room chatting with an al-Arabiya reporter.

His hair was completely grey and close cropped.

"Via some friends, I went to the Americans...and there was an interrogation about a number of issues concerning my work. After the interrogation, I was released," a tired-looking and thin Sahaf said in a clip aired by the channel.

"A difficult situation has passed by, not for one person but for everyone," he said in another clip.


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Did you know that his son is a doctor in dublin and when this became known about 15 reporters shadowed him everywhere. That was until the 2 detectives that lost him one day blamed them for getting their way. all true.