Comparison of three LNBs performance


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Taken from a German forum.

Smart TWIN 0,2 dB LNB:
10832 H Bitfehlerrate : 3,4*E-5 S/N 12 Verst. 73 dB 170 mA Stromaufn.
10818 V Bitfehlerrate: 5,0*E-5 S/N 10,5 Verst. 72,5 165 mA Stromaufn.
12670 V Bitfehlerrate: 3,6*E-5 S/N 12,0 Verst. 70 dB 171mA Stromaufn.
12692 H Bitfehlerrate 4,4*E-4 Ausgang 1 S/N 10 Verst. 64,5 dB 172 mA Stromaufn.
12692 H Ausgang 2 Bitfehlerrate 1,5*E-3 S/N 9,0

Inverto Silvertech TWIN 0,3 dB LNB:
10832 H Bitfehlerrate: 8,5*E-6 S/N 12,0 Verst. 70 dB 130 mA Stromaufn.
10818 V Bitfehlerrate: 4,6*E-6 S/N 12,0 Verst. 72 dB 130 mA Stromaufn.
12670 V Bitfehlerrate: 7,0*E-5 S/N 12,0 Verst. 66,5 dB 135 mA Stromaufn.
12692 H Bitfehlerrate 5,8*E-5 S/N 12,0 Verst. 64,5 dB 137 mA Stromaufn.

Invacom TWIN 0,3 dB:
10832 MHz H Bitfehlerrate: 3,3*E-4 S/N 10,5 Pegel 70 dB 193 mA Stromaufn.
10818 MHz V Bitfehlerrate: 1,9*E-4 S/N 10,5 Pegel 68 dB 190 mA Stromaufn.
12670 MHz V Bitfehlerrate: 2,7*E-4 S/N 10,5 Pegel 65,5 dB 198 mA Stromaufn.
12692 MHz H Bitfehlerrate: 9,5*E-6 S/N 12,0 Pegel 64,0 dB 200 mA Stromaufn.


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Do you know what kind of dish he was using?


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Here is another test, however his results are not what i got when i compared Invacom vs. SMW.

Good evening together. today I made a small LNB comparison test in the garden.

Here are the interested results, all single WR75 and C120 flange LNB's was tested: SMW X-LINE type C, 0.8dB; Astrotel Precision Model PMJ, 0.5dB; Invacom 0.3dB; and a Kathrein CAS 120(Offset) antenna.

I used Nilesat for comparison, related to vertical and horizontal transponders. The percentage now do not follow state naturally much, however i have done a direct comparison below.


48-50%_______11938 V______Invacom
23-25%_______12034 H______Invacom
45-46%_______11938 V______SMW
18-19%_______12034 H______SMW
43-45%_______11938 V______Astrotel
16-17%_______12034 H______Astrotel

The signal strength was with the SMW and Astrotel equal, 10% more highly than with the Invacom, bring however nothing, because off approx.. 16% Quality gibt's Kloetzchen and with 15% is black.

I made the test exact in this order and because I did not want to believe it, there me nevertheless guarantee the clouds a caper must playing, I afterwards again the Invacom to made.

It confirmed its quality completely exactly. Unfortunately then powerfully dark clouds pushed, gladly still somewhat continued to try me to the brisk retreat. Result: Disappointing which the sow expensive, professional so mentioned LNB's delivers against the inexpensive Invacom.

There I burned money correctly. But NO NO do not annoy, if the weather am along-played tomorrow I the dish on roof to finally bring.