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Me, that is, please go easy.
I have sky+ with the full package, and it works quite nicely. I even upgraded the hard disk when the previous one broke, so I dont mind getting my hands a little dirty.
My local has the ART sports package, immense it seems too. Choice of 4 matches (?) on a Sat afternoon, and maybe 3 on a Wednesday if there are a full set of fixtures. Thats the dogs.
What I want to know , what are the various options in terms of receiveing live football, especially on a sat afternoon? I am a Newcastle fan, so if any particular channel shows newcastle away games, maybe that would suffice.
I kind of understand CAMS, and cards from reading around briefly.
The part of this whole excercise that wouldnt suit me would be climbing ladders and fixing satellites on my house.
Can anyone summarise the various hardware, sport channels I should be looking at, and maybe reusing my existing sky dish is an option? I think they landlady paid £500 for a year of art sports, I would be hoping for a cheaper option if there is one.




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Art Sports 13E - 'bout £80/6months
Digitalb 16E - 'bout £90/6months - volatile prices right now
Digital+ on Hispasat 30W - 'bout nothing ATM!
TPS 13E - 'bout the same, but not for long.
Sky 28.2E - 'bout and arm and a leg, as you obviously already know!

Check out recent threads on 'N@gra2', and other posts in this section re. TPS.

Scan the web for sales of the official cards above, and see if you can match these sort of prices.

You'll need an 80 - 90cm dish for most stuff and a new receiver. Read up more here.



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I can recommend the Digit ALB card, got mine for 80, 6 mo. It gives you a couple of Sat games, the Sunday games, and mid week ones. It also gives a few movie channels, showing a good selection, one channel of 24/7 mature content, and 2 others that start at 1045...Art does the same thing as far as I'm aware, without the mature content. Not sure what the movies like, but I think it carries a bit more footy. You can though make up for the footy with TPS. You should see if you want a fixed or motorised, and if fixed dish, if your gonna go multi lnb. If not, then you will have to pick a feed, and then you really gotta go for 13east. Reason is there is bascially bugger all else on 16e apart from Digit ALB, where 13 east has shitloads.