Conax Cam Problem



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Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote
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30W, 27.5W, 7W, 0.1W
4.8E, 9E, 13E, 19E, 23.5E, 26E, 28E
Technomate 5402HD super
Bein Sports on 25.5E
FTE Mini S2T HD Analyser
Horizon HD S2 sat meter
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Lanzarote, Canary Islands
I have had the following problems with Conax CAM.
Active Full Digitalb card in conax cam opens all Digitalb channels on the one transponder no problem. All channels on the other transponder heavily pixilated even though signal strength & quality very good. Put the card in a Blue Zeta CAM (changed to joker) or Trex no problems with either transponder.
Here is the strange bit, Leave the card in the zeta or Trex and insert the Conax CAM into the 2nd slot with no card and the picture pixilates again on the one transponder & the other is still Ok.
I have 20 brand new Conax CAMs and they all do the same. I´m sure that they are with the latest software as direct from supplier.

Loader Status
Manuf code: 255
H/W Code: 255
Loader Ver: 255.255
Load Seq No: Null

I´m sorry I have posted this before as a part answer to another post in "fringe reception general" and hope doesn´t offend.

Any advice would be great.