Conax keys for starsat srx-120d



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Hi experts. i would like your help. At the last update i did to my receiver starsat srx-120d (E124-2.10-12.65.5) in the keys menu is added the conax keys "additor" if it is correct to name it like this. However i am not able to add any key through hex files i find in upload sites(the well known!!!:) )The point is that i can decode packages based in viacces,seca,nagra but i dont know what to do for conax!does any of you can give me more instruction what can i do for this!

As far as i have seen addting the keys through dream loadre is fantastic and u thin that any conax hex file exist to process the same!

thank you guys and hope i got the required instructions soon.

take care all and enjoy free tv....:)