Conax questions


Jan 1, 2000
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I've been reading most of the different forums that exist on dvb/conax on the net, and many of them have been very educational. But there are still some basic things I'm not quite sure I understand, so I hope that maybe 2old4this or others could help me clear some of these things up (and hopefully this could become a useful resource for other newbeez as well!)

1. Does the Seca Wafer/FAQ by 2old4this apply for conax as well? If not, what is different?

2. Does the conax system work in the same way as Eurocrypt (with SA's and UA's etc, except maybe that the crypt algo is different)?

3. How does the Conax PPV work? It seems that the CAM has the capability to decrypt a 2-3 min preview at any given point in time. Doesn't this mean that the PPV differs from other coded channels in that the CAM doesn't need crypt-codes to decrypt, but rather a "timecode"?
It seems that you get another sneak preview after like 2-3 hrs. Maybe the CAM referes to the clock sent in the DVB data stream. If so, isn't it possible to make a device which adjust the clock in the DVB data ahead by 2 hrs every 2 mins? hehe, maybe not...just a thought!

3. My telenor rent decoder which send channels by canal digital on cable (DVB-c) has a built in CAM (embedded). In the manual it says that the Conditional Access system is: Conax Cas3. Does this mean that it's the 3rd generation conax? Are there different versions of the Conax system existing out there? Also on the back of the decoder it says that "Conditional access system under Conax and Mediaguard lisence". I've heard some rumours that the CanalDigital scandinavia PPV is actually coded in mediaguard. Anyone know anything about this? If not, why do my telenor decoder have SECA when they (telenor) have their own Conax system?

4. Everybody says that they're waiting for the public conax crack/hack. What are we really waiting for? The management keys to be released? Or for some non-commercial hacker to get a hold of a management key(s)? (cause releasing a management key would result in the service provider changing the key right?) Does this mean that somebody have to release new codes every month, and we have to update our cards every month? Is anybody working on finding the Mkey(s), or are we all a bunch of idiots waiting for (nobody) to release a crack?

5. It seems that there are many Conax hex files on the net, some seem to be updates for commercial cards. What about the others? Are they actually gold card hexs files that worked some time ago? What makes them non-working today? CanalDigital changed something, or that the program in the pic hex file work but the codes are old?

6. If I understand this right, the service provider updates my original conax card with new codes every month (maybe a week before they are active). These codes are crypted so that people with loggers (season) cant get a hold of the (pure)codes. The SmartCard contains one (or more?) Management key(s) to decrypt these codes. When the card recieves the codes, does it decrypt them and save them non-encrypted in the memory? Cause what is puzzeling me is that when the CAM request a code (to watch a channel), does the card then send the code encrypted? If so, why does the smartcard contain Mkey(s)? And if not, why can't we just log the (pure)codes sent by the SC to the CAM? Either way it seems easy to get working codes. (Cause if the smartcard sends the codes encrypted to the CAM, then we just have to use these codes. Don't need no Mkey..or what?)

5. What about autoupdate hex files? like for seca, how do they work? Do they contain a Management key?

6. What different keys exist (Management key/administration key/ masterkey..) and what are their purpose?

These are questions I've been compiling for some time now, and are a result of the info found on forums on the net. I hope someone is able to help me eventhough it may take a answer all of them!

I hope that there are others who are wondering about some of these questions as well, so that this could be a useful help to more people than just me!

And finally: LOTS of respect to all you guys out there who are administrating the forums, and especially 2old4this, for taking your time to answer (thoroughly) questions even though they might seem a bit lame.