Conman left 'wife' as deposit to steal mobile phone



A conman left his "wife" as a deposit to swindle a mobile phone from a shop in China.

The man, who claimed to be an investor from Taiwan, asked to test a Nokia phone in a shop in Lingyuanxilu.

He wanted to try the £250 phone outside the shop and left his "wife" and a packet of "money" as security.

But he never returned and the woman then told shop staff she hardly knew the man, reports China Daily, quoting Guangzhou Daily.

When the shop manager asked the "wife" to pay for the phone, she said she had only known him for three days and didn't even know his name. The envelope was full of waste paper.

The woman, who worked at a local beauty salon, said she had just been invited by the "Taiwan investor" to accompany him to buy a mobile phone. She was detained for questioning but later released.